Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Why me...

I have no ask that question some time or another why me !!
Why was i chossen to live the life of a sick person , why did i have to spent my whole life in and out of hospital and on many many different drugs.
Why was i sick in bed while all my friends where at sports days , why was my childhood stolen from me, why did a spend 21 years of my life sick .
Why will i forever be tried down to a hospital and the mebical world , my life time of sickness has scared me for life and because of it iv missed out on a lot and its taking me so much longer to catch up with everyone else...

I often think about my life if i had never been sick what would it be like , what would i be doing now maybe i would have more enegry to try at school and maybe i would have gone of to uni and have a great job and just be living my life normal like everyone else,
On the other hand if i wasent sick i would look at life just like everyone else just life , i wouldent see the amazing-ness it is that i see now , i wouldent get kicks out of life like a do now i would never know how great it is to be able to get out of bed everyday and not have to fight for life.

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