Tuesday, December 17, 2013


So what new with me I'm on Xmas holidays at the moment and I'm official half way through my Diploma never in life life did I ever think I was capable of getting this far so far so good iv gotten all "B" so far but I don't care if it's not a "A" or anything I would have been happy with "c" didn't even think I was Capable of getting a "B" as sum one told me "c" get degrees I get the same Qualification as the next person whatever I get as long as it's a pass . So just been working at spotlight over the holidays and go back to tech end of Feb or round that time .

And as for my health who knows no one really tells me whats going on with my body anymore, they can hold back from me all they like I may not have a doctors degree but I have something better I know my own body better then any doctor and I know when something's not right iv lived with a bad heart all my life , I get swollen ankles on a pretty regular basic now and it's always the left one. they tell me that some transplant patients get Fluild on board witch is probable right but when I read my letter they say stuff like " does not have a normal heart function" and any time I try asking someone about it they flog me of to each other Rotorua tell me to ask Hamilton, Hamilton tell me to ask Auckland act so I'm due in Auckland in Feb so that will be good can get them to answer some of my question sine everyone else seems to chicken shit to tell me or maybe they just don't know who knows? . My GP said that my left Side of that heart is not pump as well anymore or sumthing like that but didn't really give me details . 

I wish at times I could just rewind my life back a bit, I spend so long of my life sick getting sicker and sicker then I finally got a new heart and I spend so long recovering from the who tranplant thing then I finally got everything that I ever dreamed of a normal life a health life it was a dream come true and I Fought so hard to get there , it's like life decided to take it all away from me again and bit by bit it's taking my health new life away from me . 

Before and after when I get swollen ankles