Wednesday, October 21, 2015


So just thought I'll do a small update as I'm tried and need to get up in morning but was in Auckland the other day, ever thing is look good better then it has in a long time . I'm back in a normal heart rythem, kidneys are back to normal even my iron is back to normal, u be surprised what bad iron can do to you short of breath, dizziness, weak and tried all the time. I still have a bit of heart failure with fluid issues but I just feel so much better then I have.
Anyway there my Quick update, went to the hobbit set today and walked round the whole set and have to stop once to catch my breath.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Health is getting better

We'll I thought it's about time I did an update as I haven't posted in a while. We'll at the moment things are going great for me health wise considering all the trouble I have had in the last few months, maybe I'll change that word to better, great for me not normal to the rest of the world but what is normal anyway. 

After the last year or so I been in AF and trying just about ever drug all of a sudden my heart just pops back into a normal rythem, God knows how or why! it just haven't been out of rythem its been tachycardia and then boom back to normal so I'm really happy about that. I can deal with AF it's not the end of the world but it does effect my breathing and make me feel tried all the time so I would rather be in a normal rythem. They had started me on Amiondarone but I had been on it for like 3 months and nothing so thats probably what's made it go back to a normal rythem but took long enough. 

My kidneys are also back to normal again yay, they been playing up for the last few month because of my furosemide ect pretty happy that's back to normal, after lots of playing around with my furosemide. I always have this issue I take to much furosemide and kidney function drops, then they drop the furosemide and I can't breath very well so fingers crossed my kidneys stay normal this time. 

My iron is also back to normal I hav not had normal iron in years and this just seems like a little thing but my iron was really low was in the 80's and I was getting iron transfusions, when I was low I was getting really dizzy, it was making my already bad breath worst and I was just feeling so tried all the time, it was horrible I was starting to think I was getting sick again when it was really just really low iron. 

I have had a lot of up and downs in the last few months health wise but I'm not going to talk about the negative stuff sins it's not an issue anymore while hold onto it, my mental health had been getting me down a lot lately but hey with all my health stuff I have gone through the and am going through the I'm allowed to have a my life suxs moment and I hate been sick moment or even week or month, there a few other stuff that's I have had going on to but I want go into detail as I really don't know if people do or don't read this but it makes me feel better to write it down so while the hell not.