Saturday, May 28, 2011

The big R Rejection

So i now back from my "trip from Auckland" if you would call it that
Went back up to Auckland for my biopsy to see if why my echo was different because of rejection had my biopsy but they stuffed it up so i had to have it done again before i had my 2en one done i went and saw the doctor and they told me they where looking for chronic rejection man those few days in till i got my results back was i stressing the only think in my head i could think of was that this could kill me

So findaly got my 2en biopsy done and results come back and it was moderate/server rejection but i didnt care i could deal with that compered to what they where telling me they where looking for, the treatment suxs and the side effects sux even more and the whole not been able to sleep is a pain in the butt, but at least they can get rid of it so that was relieve

So did my IV treatment and took my drugs and finally got to go home and i go back in about a week and will find out for sure if the rejection is gone or not but im pretty sure it has cos i feel 10 times better then before i had my treatment

its amazing what a bit of drugs can do how much i hate drugs , hospital and all the rest if i wasn't for them i wouldn't have a life i would be dead or sick in my bed all day ever day ,
im so great full ever day that i can get out of bed ever day , i can work even if its only part time and even if i do fall sick all the time i have so much more of a life now then i ever have what more in life can you ask for

Friday, May 6, 2011

Mine and Jess old hearts

Mine and Jess's old hearts ....

My two year check up ..

SO last week was my two year check up in Auckland , most it went well but my last day they come and told me they wont me to come back in two weeks for a biopsy cos my echo looks different then my last one they didn't really give any details so me been me went and looked at my hospital file and my echo report said i had mild hypokinesis so im guessing thats what they mean when they say its different.

Which according to google hypokinesis means "a part of heart muscle is not contracting well" so that makes me a bit tad worried, my heart is meant to be healthy now, im two years down and they stop doing biopsy after the first year in less theirs any issues if it is something hopefully its just a bit of mild rejection or something like that , that they can get rid of with drugs .

I don't know what my boss is going to say i had two weeks off for Aussie come back to work for a week then had a week of for my two year check up ill go back to work for a week and then i go back to Auckland for 3 days for my biopsy and if its rejection ill have to stay up there for another 3 day for treatment , my jobs been so good to me about my medical stuff so far that i don't know how long they will put up with it.

on top of that i don't know how long i can afford to take all this time off work i still have my bills to pay when i was sick i hated been sick but i never had to worry about if i take time of work wheres my next meal going to come from, i was to sick to work so i got money from the government ever week no questions asked.