Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I'm out of April fibrillation

So thought I better do an update so as talked about in my last post I was in AF and they were going to put me on a new pill to see if it would take me out of AF so the good news is that iv now dropped out of AF so wont need to be shocked and don't have to stay in AF till I see Auckland so that's always good. 

So I got my appointment in the mail from Auckland so am due up to see them in a few weeks so I'm happy to say as I'm over been told something new depending on which doctor I see so it will be good to get one Solid answer. 
I have one doctor who thinks I'm in heart failure again, another who thinks I'm not, another who thinks it's the LV, another who tell me the only reason for the swollen ankels is because it's normal for transplant pt, another doctor who tell me it's non of those it was the AF all along but I was been treated for heart failure by mistake so I will be happy when Auckland can tell me what up and not getting lots of mixed answer. 

Still having big swollen ankle issues and still popping a few water pills a day but the shortness of breath has gotten way better sine they pulled me out of AF so makes you wonder how long I had been sitting in AF before they notice? Everything else health wise is the same.