Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A mark on this world..

A mark on the world
A difference
Some proof that i had been here
Something to say that i mattered
that when my body left this world my soul had made its imprint

Transplant sure is an amazing thing , but it doesn't come with out a catch so many good people who spent there whole life fighting just to be alive finally get what they always wonted a healthy free life and not all of them make it,and it sux...

RIP Jono and Eva and the many more
Who were sadly taken from us..

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I got a job

So i findaly got myself a job , thank goodness !!
When i got my transplant the one thing that i looked forward to was getting a job the fact that i could get out there like everyone else get a job and not have no worry about when will i next get sick or when will i next end up in hospital ,
Having a transplant it was giving me that "card" to be normal, to do what the rest of the world does get out of bed everyday and go to work.and not have to fight for life everyday
I have been so sick for so long the one thing i longed for was a normail life.

I found it so hard to get a job so any people just heard the word transplant and freaked and i got question like are you sure your healthy enough to do this job , how much time of will u be taking are you going to be getting sick all the time people didnt seem ot be able to understand that im heathly now ,and if i didnt tell them i had a transplant i got the what have you been doing all your life now let me think good question i was busy been sick and all !!

so for someone to give me that change , its just amazing!!