Sunday, July 24, 2011

pill drugs and more pills

SO just the 411 from the last post i went back to Auckland ( a month or so ago now) and results come back that i only had mild rejectoin which is not a biggie they just up the drugs a bit and im good as gold and dont have to go back till nov/dec now.

SO im having issuse with my drugs and work a while back i got told that i couldnt take my drugs on the floor which was fine so i started going to the office to take them now they wont me to go talk to my doctor about how often i should be taking my drugs ect long story shot they think im taking too much drug and think im zone out at times, there was a time that i proable was taking to many pain killers but iv cut down so much on them now i have days that i dont even take any more i dont know what the big deal is i just take them when i need them none of this 2 hour/4 hour bull shit
and it was suggest i get a note from my doctor saying how often i should take them.
Funny thing is that this back pain is CAUSED BY MY JOB.

I know everyone thinks im this big pill popper and addicted to pain killers but im not cos theres days i go without taking pain killers and i never take pain killers on my days of so that in its self proves im not addicted to them
They should try live a day in my shoes and see how they like it ..
My doctors always on my back that im not taking enough pills and miss them too much and on the other hand i have my job on my back telling me i take to much i cant win .