Saturday, September 19, 2015


They fight everyday to keep me alive 
They saved my life 
Taught me what's right or wrong for my body
Taught me from a child
Without even meaning to
Without even knowing it
That a pill will fix it
That medication is the answer to all problems
Weather it is physical or mental 
That pills equal problem gone. 
When my body breaks I am given a pill 
Pill keep me alive everyday
Now hear I am addicted
Not understanding or seeing the problem
Popping pills like candy 
That's all I have known 
But that's ok pills fix problems right? 
The pills were then taken, 
Ripped away from me
Going against everything I know
The only thing I have ever known 
Everything I have ever been taught 
Pills fix all of my problems 
So here I am trapped
Withdrawers causing physical and emotional pain
My protection is gone
My body's safe zone has been taken away
My wall is breaking down