Tuesday, January 20, 2015


So I started to get this really bad chesty cough which I put down to a chest infection so I went to the doctor about it and she did that blood test that tell you how much fluid on board you have ,BNP I think it's called and it come back that I had fluid on my lungs so it wasent a chest infection it was fluid on the lungs. So I'm not sure which is better,  anyway my last checkup in Auckland they said I can cum off my furisemide which Is what I did and this is where the fluid on the lungs has come from . So I'm not just back on furisemide I have to take more then normal to try and get rid of it ,I'm up in Auckland next week anyway so if the fluid is still there I can get them to do something about it .

Kind of annoyed that they told me at I could come of and becourse of that I now have fluid on my lungs not annoyed at them just annoyed . So I'm now stuck with this crazzy cough and not been able to lie down at night without having a coughing fit and trouble breathing. Owell hopefully it doesent take to long for the fluid to go away . 


So my Auckland trip a few weeks ago went well, they said I wasent in heart failure and said I can even come of my furosemide. They were going to bring me back up in a few weeks to do a few tests to see what was courseing the shortness of breath they were thinking AF , and I also got some iron through IV as I was really low in iron which wasent helping my shortness of breath.