Monday, February 7, 2011

so many people dieing..

I never knew what my life would be life as a child , never did i ever dream that i would lose so many people or that i would even have a transplant , that kind of things happened in moves or books it wasn't real life ,

Maree died today i didn't know her real well like i have the others iv lost but i knew her and she was only young just like all my other transplant family have been and she didn't make it and thats really scary watching all those people who have transplant dieing thinking knowing when is my turn going to be ,

In the last 3 months 3 people have died that i knew that had had a transplant, it sure puts a price tage on your life.

I do hope i get my 20 years + from this great heart of mine , im living the life i hoped and dreamed of a healthy life and i hope i get to live it too the end

Jono 12/04/1982 - 27/09/2009
Jess 04/12/1994 - 17/12/2010
Maree 30/9/1986 - 7/02/2011

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


When a silver raindrop becomes a tear,
When the good lord touches a world born of fear ,
When all men are fighting and peace is gone
When they all blame each other for the things that go wrong
When the fire that burns us devours our souls
When all of the days have passed by
Our friendship will last an eternity past two friends stuck fast you and I .
When the whispering wind stops riding the trees
When the earth cant be heard for the roaring of the seas,
When a baby's sweet cry is heard no more, when the world collapses from the weight of war,
When the darkness that scares us swallows us whole
When the stars are blown out of the sky,
We'll be together,after forever well always be friends you are I .