Monday, February 7, 2011

so many people dieing..

I never knew what my life would be life as a child , never did i ever dream that i would lose so many people or that i would even have a transplant , that kind of things happened in moves or books it wasn't real life ,

Maree died today i didn't know her real well like i have the others iv lost but i knew her and she was only young just like all my other transplant family have been and she didn't make it and thats really scary watching all those people who have transplant dieing thinking knowing when is my turn going to be ,

In the last 3 months 3 people have died that i knew that had had a transplant, it sure puts a price tage on your life.

I do hope i get my 20 years + from this great heart of mine , im living the life i hoped and dreamed of a healthy life and i hope i get to live it too the end

Jono 12/04/1982 - 27/09/2009
Jess 04/12/1994 - 17/12/2010
Maree 30/9/1986 - 7/02/2011

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  1. Hi Margi,
    John here from the HCMA board,sorry to hear of your losses, I wouldn't connect them as transplant friends and feel it's something to which fear that it will happen to you or give you doubts of the transplant, they were three friends that died in a short time, we all could go at any time for what we have no control over. In the last year 7 close people to me died, my mom,the best man at my wedding,the person I'm health care proxy to,my business partner, and the three others were very close also, really made me feel that the grim reaper was nipping at my heals, but in reality it's just life, we got no control over these events. Your relationship with them and their conection to you as in shared experiances of being transplanted is in short time that you have so far been on this planet you have many more years of making new friends and losing old ones in this circle of life. That wonderful gift of life enabled them to extend their lives even though it was short, Be strong and enjoy every moment that you can it's the best way to honor their memory.

    Peace and Love, John F.