Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cheeck up

So i had my check up yesterday it was the best check up iv had in a while ,  everythink was looking good she even droped my pred down to 5mg and my tac down to 3mg and she has put me on yearly vistas ,never in my whole life has my vista been that far apart , so yearly to Auckland and in between she wonts me to to Hamilton for check  ups so it yearly to  Aucklnd and yearly to Hamilton so it be like 6months check ups spilt between the hospittals .
So im so happpy about that it bring a bit of normal ness to my life not having to go to hospitals as often .

The only down side is my doctor gave me the i shouldent be drinking speech i already knew that but did it any way , i spent 21 years of my life sick hell why not enjoy the life i have in saying that i dont wont to shorten the short life i already have , but i like going out and drinking i have fun and iv never had issuses with it before

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Two and a half years

It was 2 and a half years on the 14 man time flys, had a dinner with my family to celebrate my new healthy life and that im alive , i love life i have my ups and downs like everyone else but having that transplants given me such a great lease on life