Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Coming on 3 years !!

I havent written in here for ages thought i better update it , so in April the 14 this year i would have my "new" heart for three years, its so amaing to think how much i have come in those 3 years i look at my life now and think what it was like 3 years ago , never in my wildest dream did i think it would be this great that i would be "healthy".
I have a job that i love it may only be a job at a shop but the fact that i get out of bed everyday and go to work to a place of where i enjoy is what counts as a good job to me .
I turned 24 last month thats another year i made it.

As for my health its going great i havent steped foot in a hospital seen my last check up , i had my 3 year check up about a week ago it all went wll everythink looking good im jsut a bit low in iron but if thats my biggest issuse in life just shows how great life is .

 I have my 3 years cumming up good ehen ever that comes up its the most amazing day for me cos its another year i made it and so much more but always thiink of Barrys parents and family and what there going though thats anotherr year that they have lost there sone ,
when i was sick my life depended oon someone else dieing it really is a hard thing to get your head around you dont wont someone else to die but if someone else didnt die you would .
I was waiting for someone to diee it didnt seen right