Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The last few months all rolled into one .

So i haven't updated this for a  while so had my heart 3 year birthday in April , that was good pretty much just party the night away and won a $50 bar tab at heaven and hell so that just topped the night of.
so iv now  had my heart for 3 years pretty dum cool if you ask me

First after transplant i was like yay a can do normal things and live a normal life and i have a job what more in life can i ask for now that living a normal life has started being "normal" if there if such a thing and suddenly living a normal life and holding down a job is'ent so great any more, i keep thinking to my self is this it will i be working in a shop for the rest of my life, as the song says "theirs got to be more to life " , i really wont to study and do something more with my life but i don't at the same time , one: i don't know how people live on what you get as a student two:  im scared if i start and it doesn't work out and it gets to hard with my learning troubles ect that i might not be able to handal the study  three: im too scared to give up my job cos it was so hard to find that job and these days its just getting harder to fine jobs and put a heart transplant n top of that theirs not alot of hope .

So about a wek ago i got a tattoo in honor of my donor ill add a pic below ,Barry is my donors name and 14 April 2009 is the day i got my transplant and got a life and my donor lost his life .

 Me and Bobby on my heart birthday Red and heart themed