Saturday, May 10, 2014

I'm back in a normal rhythm

I'm back on a normal rhythm, it's so weird last night I was having the most intense chest pain was short of breath and my heart was pounding and this morning I'm just sitting on the computer and all of sudden I feel it go back to normal , and that was a few hours ago and it's still notmal, I'm so happy I guess those pills where working after all I just needed to be patient. 

Monday, May 5, 2014

Went back in AF (atrial fibrillation - funny heart rhythm)

So I went back into AF the other day so I went upto hospital as I was no longer on blood thinners anymore, they tried me on metoprolol fast acting while I was up there but that didn't seem to be working, so they discharged me with sotalol and some blood thinners not before the doctor gave me a great speech about how lots of people live comfortably in AF whatever !! Like to see my doctor have a bit of AF before he trying tell me that, I use to go in AF all the time before transplant so trust me I know what it feels like, any way they were going to keep me in AF and just at a lower rate with this pill if it didn't take me out not if I have my way though.

I get it it's easer them putting me back into a normal rhythm ect but I didn't go through having a heart transplant to just go back in AF again I want them to get rid of it all together,  ok AF annoying and makes me short a breath ect it's not that I'm so worried about it's what comes next, the last time I was in AF before transplant it turned into heart failure then a doctors telling me I needed a new heart so I do not want any of that happening again so I want them to fix it now before anything else happen, asking to much probably but after 20 years of been sick I think I'm allowed to be a little unreasonable. 

So sine iv been in AF it's been making me so tried and iv been getting real short of breath, and to be honest I don't think these pills are even working my heart rate is still sitting in the 150ish and last night was the worst I was having the worst chest pain ever and I could just feel my heart pounding in my chest I nearly went up to the hospital but then I remember how much I hate that place and it always interferes with my life they make u spend a few days up there I have to much that needs doing at the moment.

So the plan is I go to CCU on Tuesday for a ECG to see what the hearts doing then, Doctors may need a ECG to diagnose me but I know I'm still in AF you can feel it , so if I'm still in AF by Tuesday then I'm going to make them do something about it, I not going to let my health get in the way of my life again eg shortness of breath been tried or the time, I have my practum coming up in a week so I Want it fixed by then I don't want it effecting my performance on something I get marked on. I'm going to ask if they can shock it back I get they like to try pills first ect but the longer I stay in AF the harder it will be to get me out so that worried me a bit and the more pills they try the more time I have to spend with theses symptom so I just want it fixed now, so will just have to see how it goes on Tuesday .

O and on a happy note 60 days still I go to Aussie ( better be fixed by then ) and 50 days till I finish my diploma ( still will have another two years to get degree) but they don't do mid year intakes for degree so I will have 9 months of before my degree starts .