Sunday, September 7, 2014

Shortness of breath welcome to my life

I feel like my health is going backward, yes I'm I greatfull for this new heart and the many years I got to enjoy it and that I'm alive and everything in between but you know iv going to have a big complain I think after been sick most of my life then sudden getting this great health life then losing it again slowing, I have the right to complain normal health people complain all the time about things they take for granted so I'm allowed, 
I spend so much of my life sick and sick was my life I didn't know any other way , then I was given this amazing gift and life was great there for a few years then everything( health wise) slowly started to go down hill again and even worth of recent, I take a look at my life now ok what happened to this great amazing health heart, why am I getting shortness of breath again we not talking long either while am I getting short of breath walking from my car to my work in the morning, while do I have to stop in the middle of town and pretent I'm on my phone just so people don't look at me funny because I'm stopping to catch my breath, while am I taking so Fursise and beta blocker again why am I getting dizzy again and don't even get me started on the blood thinners and the heart rynthem issues, I feel like someone pushed the fast rewind button on my life and took me back to when I was sick again. 
You know the worst part of been sick or feeling sick it's is not the physical side of thing ok yes that sux but it'd the emotional side trying to process what happen to you.
Complain over , now I feel better. 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Questions & furosemide I hate you !!

So I was getting sick of taking stupid furosemide and on my last check up to Auckland I asked them what was causing my swollen ankels and I was told it was one of my meds so I email Auckland and asked if they could take me of the drug that was causing the swollen ankels so I could come of furosemide, so they let me come of the drug causing my ankels to go up and replaced it with something else and said we could talk about maybe reducing my furosemide. Anyway me been me I stopped my furosemide anyone cos I hate the stuff !! So three weeks later I was still fine but thought I better go tell my doctor( she would have a nicer reaction then Auckland ) so went to her in stead of emailing Auckland and she was like if you fine you might as well stay of it. 

A week or so later I started getting short of breath again not just a little bit a lot was just sitting down and it was real bad so of I go back to doctor and she put me back on furosemide this time I didn't mind cos I like to be able to breath. 
Last time I went to Auckland they told me no you are not in heart fauture it's just this med that's cause swollen ankels and it was the AF that was causing shortness of breath well I'm not on that pill anymore and I'm not in AF any more so what is causing my shortness of breath ???? Good question and while did it get worst once I stopped the furosemide and get better when I started it  !!! Now that is a question someone needs to be asnwer me, my GP still things I'm in heart fature is is treating me for heart failure AUckland say no and yes they do know best so if that's the case while am I getting symptoms like I'm in heart failure and why does my GP think I'm in HF? !!! 
Someone needs to tell me why I need furosemide and whats cause ding the shortness of breath if I'm not on it if I'm not in heart failure like Rotorua hospital and my GP think I am them why am I ?? And while can't I live without furosemide!!! 

O and I'm low on iron again fainted at work the other day cos of my low iron I don't eat much red meat so now I have to go back on stupid iron pills hate them they give u a sore stomach.

Found this pic online thought it was neat