Friday, April 11, 2014

Auckland 5 year check up

So Auckland went well better then I thought it would, I'm not in heart failure or anything like Rotorua said I was, I'm really pissed of at Rotorua for that I mean it's was even put on my discharge letter and everything, I would have rather been told we don't know then be told that and have a million things go through my head, i mean the last time I was in heart failure I needed a heart transplant so it's not like telling me something small or anything .

So the reason iv been getting swollen ankels is one of my medication which he has lower, and see if that helps but he never took me of furosemide, I guess if that gets rid of swollen ankels I can just go to my GP and see he she will take me of it, I'm still on 80mg of furosemide.
And the Avril fabulation is whats was causing my shortness of breath so it makes me wonder how long I was sitting in Avril fabulation before anyone picked up on it, I have to anmin that sine they pulled me out of AF the shortness of breath seem to have done, they said something like a bad flu or cold could have put me into AF I had lots of issues with AF before transplant didn't relies you can still have issues after transplant. 

On the up size they have taken me those stupid blood thinners yay more tattoos lol only joking, as they userly do they dropped some pills and added new ones to the mix and I'm not due back to Auckland for another year, I have to see Hamilton in between but that's ok can do that one in a day .