Monday, July 28, 2014

Life & Aussie

We'll I haven't written for a while thought I better do a update , well I finished my diploma, never ever Eva thought that was possiable I want to go onto the degree but they don't do mid year in takes so I have 8 months to fill in. 
I did a trip to Aussie that was great had lots of fun, went to Melbourne went out and saw more of the city this time and saw more things then I did last time I went to Aussie so I had a blast .
So as I have 8 months to fill in I'm am now looking for a job in till then  I'm just doing whatever work I get between spotlight and the after school care program I work at which is not a lot of I really need to get a job as my bank balance is sure feeling it , I have an interview tomorrow for a job so fingers crosses for that . 

As for my health nothing to big just the normal well my new normal  , don't get me wrong I'm greatfull for what I have but my Life now is nothing like it use to be when I first got this heart I can get short of breath very easy and I'm very aware of my heart beating in my chest ,some times I'm fine other times nope not normal , on my 5 Year check up they said it's all ok but my GP still talks to me about fluid been on my lungs last time I has fluid on my lungs I was in HF. Whatever it is or is not wrong with me I don't really know or care I have got to the stage I don't thing I want to know either they give me the pills to take and I take them, I'm still getting frismide pumped though my vains every day and even that I'm not in AF any more I'm still on blood thinners and beta blockers, there's are all drugs that I thought I said goodbye to when having my new heart. I did for a good while say good bye to them intill slowly they started pumping them into my vains again, when I first had that transplant I felt amazing very health, I do feel health now compared to what I use to be4 transplant but I don't feel as health as I did when I got that heart and slowly I start to have one little problem wrong with me at a time , who knows maybe that's part of the "ageing" process with a heart or maybe I didn't look after my self the way I should have, whatever the reason u can't change the past. It makes me think sometimes that a hand full of pills is what keeps me alive it's a weird feeling to thing I'm so reliance on a handful of chemicals.

 Pics from my Aussie trip