Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Leaky heart valve & Auckland

Years ago when I was a child standing in a huge hospital agreeing to make that "lolly" that will keep my heart health, who knew that day till the rest of my life I would be taking more and more medication just to keep me alive .

So I went to Auckland a few weeks back for my 6 year check up everything was good well good for me, I'm was back in AF but I already knew that I can feel when I go in and out of AF. So they changed my meds around again to try and get me out of AF but I don't have to much hope in that as there been trying to get me in out for a while now, and all that happens is another drug crossed of the list that doesn't work but who knows maybe they will find one . 

So I went to see a lung doctor today they Clyde wanted me to see so I was like  sure, went to see this doctor she was very nice really good but I think I might have been a bit more of a weird case then what she's use to cos she keeped saying what does a simple lung doctor know!! lots I should hope if u want to be my doctor. 
Anyway in Conversation she talked about my leafy heart valve and I was like hold on I didn't know I had a leaky heart valve so I told her a wasent happy no one told me , went on with this info about leafy heart valve with nothing else to go on . So I emailed Auckland to let them know I was disappointed that them or Hamilton didn't tell me about it . My Auckland doctor rang up soon after I emailed her about it and gave me a little 411 on it.
Telling me was over looked as it a normal thing for heart transplant patients, I still feel I should have been told but I did feel better about the whole thing after my doctor rang me . 

Anyway I'm due in Hamilton in a few weeks so I'll get they do give me a little more info about this vavle .