Saturday, March 12, 2011

My donor Letter

This is the letter i wrote to my donor family letter is was written about a year ago now so its a bit out dated im no longer studding computers anymore and as meeting them didnt turn out the way i planned it i did give it to them but it wasn't the first letter they got from me as we found each other on the internet first

To Donor Family

I don't think I even know where to start writing this letter.
I have never met you yet you have given me the best gift anyone could ever given me.
You have given me life.
While my gift is my greatest joy its at the expense of your deepest sorrow, I must offer my deepest sympathy for your loss. Your family member must have been a amazing person and I will forever hold them close to my heart and a piece of them will live on with me forever

This heart is my new healthy gem thats brought me from my deepest sickest day to this moment. I' m more alife now then I have ever been and forever I will be grateful for this gift I have been given.
I thank you so much for opening up your heart and giving me the most amazing thing anyone could give me, for giving me back the years that I lost that heart disease stole from me.

I'm 21 years and I am now able to have a life, I can do so much more then I ever dreamt off doing, things I never thought I would ever be able to do you have given me a second chance and for that I will be forever greatful.

Befor my transplant i could bearly walk to the letter box without geting out of breath the other day i walked 8km round the lake more then i have ever walked in my life your given me the chance to enjoy things in life that i never thought i would ever get to do, i now have the chance to go out there and enjoy life and see it all in a different way, i can go out there and explore this beaterful country we have.
I feel like my life is just like everyone elses now "normal" , everything I ever wanted.
I can study like all my friends and get a job and make a living just like the rest of the world and not be afraid of planing for my future as I know I have a future now.

I was born with a heart conditon that runs in my family which caused me to became very ill. I've been in and out of hospital my whole life and on many different pills and as time went on I was getting sicker and sicker till my doctor told me I would die without a heart transplant.
I recived my heart transplant on the 14 of April 2009 the day my life really began.

I am now studing computers and plan to save up so I can go out there and see the world something I could have never have done before my transplant.
I want to make the most out of this new life and amazing gift you have given me.

Thank you so much

heart recipient

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