Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Life is good

Things at the moment are going great for me, im so happy im doing what i always dream off living a normal life working living and not been that "heart" girl that ever one knows me as ,it doesent sound like much of a dream but its about living and enjoying that time given just to be able to get out of bed everyday and feel healthy.

Working going good i feel like im at last managing my hours with out getting sick or tired all the time ,
Health is going great , on the 31 of March i would have been rejection free for a year
On the 14 of April i would have had this amazing gift Barry gave me for two whole years , the best two years of my life sure it may have had its ups and downs but i got there in the end alive and kicking

Off to Aussie in 3 weeks im so exited about that and its just going to be that much more amazing been health ...
I really am just so great full and thank full i am alive .

Don't be afraid of living be afraid of the un-lived life


  1. Truly a miracle! I am posting this note to let you know where the picture of "Life is Good" was taken. I thought you might find it interesting...My name is Deborah and I live in New Brunswick Canada. I wrote this saying in the sand at New River Beach, NB and took this picture. For some reason today I was online and came across your story and there was my pic. Your story is so touching and in some small way I feel I became part of it! Hope wish you much health and happiness!

  2. i hope you dont mind me useing the pic i just google "life is good" and that pic come up and it seemed perfact, thats really nice to know who took it ect it makes it that much more interesting , can i ask why you wrote it, what was it that made life good ? or where you just haveing a good day ?:)

  3. Margis, thanks for your message. First, I don't mind your using the picture, actually I am glad that you found it and hope it speaks to others, as it did to you! Why did I write it? Well, I have had a "not so good life" up until 4 years ago, that was when my father passed away, I was crushed. All of the traumatic things that happened in my life and carried around for years, all came crashing down and I lost it, I wanted to give up. For some reason, I guess as Oprah would say "I had a light bulb moment" I know that my father was, and still is watching over me and I have learned that we cannot live in the past, we can only move forward and cherish everything and everyone we have in our lives today. I have learned to live in the moment, know that I cannot control tommorrow and except what had happened to me in my past, life is too short! I found myself on the beach that day with my little niece (she was 5 then) enjoying the day and her and I decided to write in the sand, take a pic and send it to my husband who was working out west (Alberta) at the time. He loved it! That pic has been a big hit with all of my family members. Again, it pleases me very much to know, that on that one special day, in that one very special moment, I had with my niece, that it would touch someone elses life as well! You enjoy it! I hope all is well with you and again I wish you a very long and healthy life with your new heart! It truly was a miracle! God bless Barry! And you my friend...

    1. Hello, I also found the picture in google as "Life is good" has been my mantra for a while now. I am a big fan of the "life is good" brand, maybe you have heard about it:
      Hope it is ok if I use the picture as well. Reading all your personal stories I truly believe that yes, Life is Good and we should share this vision as best as we can :-) Wishing you all the best!

    2. Hi, I am writing a blog teaching kids learning programming. I wonder if I can use your Life is Good picture as well. The pic connects with people in a very positive way.

  4. Exactly one year on and I've taken the liberty of using your photo. I have a challenging year coping with melanoma and am now well and feeling great. I've written my story and put the picture at the end.
    Thanks for making it availalbe