Friday, August 13, 2010

Drugs Clouding my mind

My mind is foreva clouded with drugs , for as long as i can remeber iv been on drugs 20+ a day if it isent the codeine making me xtra happy its the prednisone making me feel all over the show and if its not that it will be some other drug i take with sum silly side effect that makes me mind clouded

To think i never going to eva be able to stop taking drugs 4 as long as i live all i will die.
its weird to think my life lies in things with such horriable side effects, as they say the drugs keep you alive but they kill you at the same time.

But im alive so im so greatful for that , i went from been on life support and in a coma and my family told i wasent going to make it to been the healthiest i ever been in my life and that alone is amazing

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