Monday, August 9, 2010

Heathly ??!!

I love that I’m healthy , but getting a transplant doesn’t come without consequence and I don’t think I will ever see the back of a hospital and I will forever be tried down to this medical world that I’m stuck in , before my transplant I thought this whole transplant thing so much simple then it is
get transplant take pills ever day never see a doctors again apart from when i need more pills there’s so much more to it then I ever dream off

My immune system is so low that even that I’m healthy
that when I get sick I get really sick and my body just fines it so hard to fight bugs off, i have to be carefully of what I eat touch and do if the doctors had their way I would live in a bubble because of bugs, infection and the risk of me getting sick

But at the same time I just love been healthy , i can walk to town to the shop to my letter box
I can play sports , i can breath , I don’t throw up every day , My lungs don’t fill up with fluid i haven’t blacked out sine my transplant and my heart now beats in a normal rhythm.
I looked at life so differently I try to enjoy every moment of it just because I’m so lucky to be living it and I’m so lucky that i got a new heart and didn’t die waiting I got that 2en change some high power decided margi shell live !!

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