Saturday, August 7, 2010

My story

Im 22 was was born with HCM
I was put on the active heart transplant list a few weeks after my 21st birthday
I got a heart transplant on the 14 of April 2009
This is my life

I spent my whole life sick and now i have everythink i ever wonted and dream off,
Im healthy and I can now go out there and have a life.

Dont be afraid of living be afraid of the unlived life.

I could bearly walk to my letter box when i was sick, I was on 25 pills a day and my heart went into heart failure i was near death, it wasent a life it was jsut a matter of waiting of something to happen
voming, heart pounding, black outs, dizzness, shortness of breath i have nonoe of those now.
I can do things now i never done be4 thing in life i thought i would never get to try , i still get kicks out of the little things in life its amazing i love it
Never take your body for granted your never know how great it is intill you lose it

But everythink in life comes with a catch , i have my life back but not without the side of transplant ...
theres always to side to eva storty,

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