Monday, August 9, 2010

*Meeting my Donors Parents*

I got to meet my donors parents it was such a great experience to meet them , i was really luck to meet they as its not somethink thats ment to be done both partys dont get told who either is but due to NZ been such a small place and so little transplant done here a year its not hard to work out who your donors is
I just spent abit of time on google searching and i soon come across a guy who died a day befor I got my transplant and his heart went to a 21 year old so i knew it was him as i was the only heart transplant done that day and the only 21 year old done that year .

It was really neat learning all about the persons heart i had and meeting this parents, i sure it must have been very hard for them, the person i never meet befor saved my life and for that i will forever greatfull hes done the most amazing thing for me.

Heres a clip they did on TV of me meeting my donors parents

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