Monday, October 21, 2013

Sleep o how i miss you

My sleep has gotten so much worst latly some times ill be up to at least 5am before that it was like maybe 2:30 - 3 am , i use to blame it on my drug while i never sleeped witch proable doesent help but i was thinknig back the other day iv always had issuse sleeping not just after transplant but before aswell, i dont know if that was cos i was in heart failure and u can never lie down at night without feeling like ur getting drowned or what is was.

It doesent help that some times i will have to do a all nighter just to get my homework done and its bad enough that i dont sleep but when im making myself stay up all night my body starts to get use to staying up all night.

Well i was talknig to my social working today he said hes going to see if he can talknig to my doctor about getting me some sleeping pills, i bet it wont work but anythink worth a try so over not having enough sleep, i get angry at my doctors that there not willing to give me anythink to help me sleep but my biggest issuse i have with sleeping is all the mebs they give me, ok proable not the only issuse but i gotta believe its a big part of it.

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