Saturday, October 19, 2013

Heart failure you sux

so study still going good just about half way though the year not quite, really hard but im gettingt there i refuse to give up even if i fail ill just do it again, i havent failed anythink lucky.

So my ankles have been swelling bad latly sine now that im in heart failure i guess its just somethink i gonna have to expect now, my doctor up my pills so hopefully that will hel the swalling and is going to call monday and see how it is
iv tried asking more questinon about this whole heart failure thing will it get worse? will i go down hill like the way i did before transplant? is it just gonna lead me to the same place as before? needing a transplant again? but my doctors are very good at not answring my question he said next time im there he will asnwing them all for me i realy dont know whats wrong with emailing them to me but whatever if thats what he wonts to do fine, at the moment i know jack all about what heart failure is gonna mean for me in the future
I been find my doctor very frustrating they wont tell me anythink bloody annoying before transplant they use to sell me i never took my health seriously and did understnad the serious ness of it and now that im interested and wont to know more that what tell me very annoying. .

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