Saturday, October 5, 2013

Hospital visit

Well had my hospital vista to Hamilton the other day that was just a waste of time, they were ment to see me re the heart failure thing but Rotorua hospital hadent sent them any notes or anythink not even a discharge letter so wade ( my cardiologist) said he couldn't really do anythink without seen the notes ect and he wonted to see the echo Rotorua had done on me as we'll . 

So he just did his normal check up for now all his test ect as he does, and there gonna let me know if any mebs ect need changing , I asked if he could give me some sleeping pills that was a big fat no ,to think he asked me why I wasent sleeping hello it's the shit u give me to take every day , my GP wont give them to me either cos she thinks there addictive whatever I couldn't care less it's the worst she's worried about go hard I mean look at all the bull shit they make me take now anyway, all I wont is to be able to have a good night sleep so in not tried ect the next day .

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