Monday, June 26, 2017


What have a been doing between dec 2016 and July 2017 good question

Well I moved to Tauranga for a bit.  I loved it there and was so nice been so close to the beach and I had the best flatmate ever now a life long friend and the worst flatmate ever who we had been friends sine we were like 16 then she stole $2000 dollars from me anyway im not giving her anymore time of day on my blog as she doesn't deserve it I just I one thing to say about that, this while u don't get drugs control your life. I just got a transfer from kidi corp / ABC who I was working for it Rotorua. I was a  reliever in whatever daycare needed me it worked out well I worked when I could, when I couldn't because of my health it didn't matter as I was a reliever I just turned down the shift down and there was no 20 questions about while I was always sick. Sadly my health just started going down hill and it got to the point where I was working less and not getting enough money to pay the rent and I started to realise how hard it was living in a town not knowing many people and having to family when I got sick not having that support like I did in Rotorua. I became really sick one night and no one was home I felt to crappy to even walk back to my bedroom and just collapsed onto the floor and crawled to the bathroom and could stop vomiting lucky I had my phone on me and for whatever reason I called my mum even that she was in Rotorua mum been the superstar she is drove over and took me to the hospital, anyway soon after that I moved back to Rotorua and had to give up my job as I wasn't handling working well with my health, short of breath, vomiting , not been able to eat well, trying to keep on top of the fluid and always tried and all the rest of boring heart failure stuff. When my health getting better and i can work again i would like to move back to Tauranga for now i guess we will just see what the future holds.

My awesome flatmate and friend and her son.

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