Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Back in Rotorua

So there I was back again in my home town of Rotorua I loved Tauranga but I will always love Rotorua as they say home is were the heart is. My family was there and a lot of my good friends from growing up. I was happy to be home also as my sister was due to give birth soon and I missed been able to see my niece and nephew as often, as I can't have my own children I live those moments though my niece and nephew.

My health still wasn't amazing when I moved back I was holding a lot of fluid which caused me to vomit if my body holds on to to much fluid and pretty much lived on ice blocks for a while there as fluid started building up in my stomach. The only up side about vomiting and not been able to eat  properly is the losing weight bit. So I had a few hospital stays for a while there while they tried to get on top of my fluid. They spent a lot of time changing my frosemide as they do until they finally decided on a dosage. I take my normal dosage a day but when I start to feel extra fluid on board I will take extra which is pretty easy to tell when I have extra my weigh goes up, I feel bloated and can't eat or when I get it on my lungs I get very short of breath and dizzy. Sometimes I will have bad days other days I will have days that I almost feel normal for a bit and just about forgot I'm sick. My health has gotten better sine I got back from Tauranga it's not amazing but I'm not stuck with my head down the toilet as much anymore. It's just a matter of me keeping on top of my fluid only down side is the more fluid I have the more furosemide I take then it up sets my kidneys it's like a never ending battle my kidneys vs my fluid.
One of my best and longest friends on the left and my friends daughter on the right just a few of the times i had to chill in hospital.

I bit of a simplify vision of while my hearts doing what it's doing. As my hearts not working/ pumping that's what they call heart failure as well anymore it's try's to keep up with the body but can't as well anymore which is what causes the backup of fluid into my lungs ect and as the hearts working so hard trying to keep up with my body that's what causes me heart rate issues ect

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