Saturday, August 6, 2016

Rejection X2 and check up

Haven't written for a while so thought i better do an up date, what happen sine April i had rejection twice and had a check up a week or so ago. Just after my 7 year check up I ended up in Hamilton hospital with rejection not much to that story about a week stay, lots of drugs and all is good again. Ever time i get rejection it damages the heart a bit but still alive and kicking so not going to complain. 

Hospital vista number two i had rejection again this one felt worst i knew something was up i passed out, ambulance was called they come i felt better i decided i was fine and didn't need to go to hospital and went against there medical advice but hey thats me for you. Starting feeling crappy again really dizzy and just really out of it, went up to Hospital and had rejection again. Stayed in for a week this time I felt really sick, pretty much sleep for a week really short of breath and lots of fluid on chest. Give me drugs fixed me as they do and let me go. 

Had to go up to Auckland a few weeks after to see if any damage to heart. Ever time u get rejection it causes a little bit of damage to the heart so there probably was some damage but the doctor was expecting ECGO to be worst then it is that's always good. Heart is quite stiff now just from all the rejection but I'm still alive so can't complain, but means it's not pumping as well as it use to. Funny enough when doctor described it to me they said it similar to HCM ( the old heart condition I had) still have fluid issues but had those so long now it's just about apart of the scenery now. 

Go back to study next week have to do a few more papers to finish my year two as ended up really sick last year and missed so much of my study. I am really worried how well my energy level will handle it as its just not like it use to be but I guess I want know till I try.

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