Saturday, April 23, 2016

7 year heart birthday

Thought it was time I did an update. Had my 7 year check up a few weeks ago, it went great the best I have had for a while everything is looking great I am still in AF and get a few fluid issues but it's a small price to pay to live a normal life . I have also now lost 20kg still want to lose another 20 but getting there slowly.

For my 7 year heart birthday I let of 7 red balloons 1 balloons for every year with my new heart at lake Tarawera and sprinkled my ashes of my old heart at lake Tarawera as my old heart was cremated with nana when she passes away a few months back that's is my fav lake seen I was a young child spend a lot of time on it in the boat or just watching it from the sore.

My 7 heart birthday 

My hearts ashes and the box Harry you coloured in for me to go in with nana toget cremated

 My before and after photo 20kg later 

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