Thursday, July 23, 2015


So like normal my iron is really low but of late it's been making me feel really really like really bad I can't seem to function well without it, iron is what carries the oxygen around the body so for some with a heart like sine it's really important , it's been making me feel short of breath, dizzy, tried, drained everything in between, my doctor has me on a waiting list to get some iron through the IV as I can't take the pills but like everything else in life I have to wait for it .

It's funny how close low iron symptoms and heart rated ones are very closely related so it's hard to know it it is iron or heart but he wants to get on top of the iron first and once we are done that then he can tell what's iron related and what's heart issues, I have made an appointment with my doctor for tomorrow though to see if there anything she can do in between because it's really getting me down I can't function like this and on top of that I'm meant to be on practicum so it makes it worst that I can't be on my best performance why does my health always get in the way of my life arr 

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