Friday, June 26, 2015

heart rate needs controll

The last month or so iv been in hospital about 3 times or for the same reason my heart rate just sky rockets up its already in AF so they try control it with meds works for a little while then boom just jumps up and i'm sick of it, this new pill they tried me on works for a little while and it only works as a temp fix it cant control my heart rate for long times only for a little while till boom it fails again, and also think I might have been lost in the system when Hamilton transferred me back to Rotorua as my doctor has retried so I think I need to make a few phone calls and make sure I haven't, I need to see a doctor so they can change this dam pill

on another note im on my practicum at the moment and first week  went well, next week I come down with the flu, then week after that I end up with an infected leg really makes me wonder at time if working with children was the right choose to make. Ever time I go on practicum I get sick and I knew when I signed up that I do have a low immune system and that it something im always going to have to be carefully of for the rest of my life but at the same time I  don't want to live my life around my health I want my health to work around me, I want to do what I want do with my life because its what I want to do not because some doctor told me it was a bad idea.

the hospital made me arm swell up, long story ill tell it another time

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