Friday, January 25, 2013

My sister got Married

I thought i better add a check post about my sister getting married she look be pretty and it was a great day lov you big sis, Heres my speech i did

Good Evening! I want to start by congratulating my big sister the bride and her prince charming  Danny, he wasn’t always what she dreamed her prince to be as a child my big sister was madly in love with superman clark keant and always told me that her and Superman where to be married ,she just had to kill off lewis lane first, even that having superman as I brother inlaw would have been pretty cool I can honestly say I can’t think of a better match for my big sister.

 Lilly has been a great sister to me and we have had a lot of fun together and she has been there
for me. right through my illness she always stick my side and for that I will be forever grateful to
her which had brought us closer together as sisters, You look so beautiful Lillian like a princess just like when we were younger and we would play dress up and you always got to be a princess and I had to be the ugly witch because younger sisters are not allowed be be princess’s so you told me.

 Lilly I am very pround of you and what a great Mum you have become and I know if Poppa
was here today with us he would be a very pround grandfather

Danny I know are the perfect guy for my sister I can see it in her eyes when she’s with you and I know you will treat her right for the rest of your life, and I wont to welcome you to the family and say I’m glad to call you my brother in law

 I want to wish my big sister and her prince Charming The very best “happy ever after “a girl could ever dream off love you big sis


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