Friday, January 25, 2013

To study or to not sudy !!

For ages now iv been thinking about studying ,but i have the other half of my head going no you cant cos one how will you live on the $180 a week you get from study link two what if you can't handal the study, what if you leave ur great job you have at the moment with great people and an amazing boss to study and it doesent work and and you fail or the studys to hard and you end up with nothing out of it and no job what a wastie of time it would be and what if i cant find another job again .

Then there the other side of me going what if iit does work out and you pass and you get a better job out of it and everythink turns out great and what if i never do it and i will never know intill i try it out and if i dont try it i will spend my whole like going i should have done that

damm i ddont know what to do !!!

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