Sunday, February 3, 2013

SO I did it !!

So i did it i made a choice that im going to study , im just going to give it a go whats the worst iv got to lose right , so iv sign up to a course that kind of teachers me how to study ect and if i can hack that im going to do early childhood and im going to hack it if its that last thing i do im just gonna somehow get through it .
Im nearly 25 and i have nothing to show for my self but working at spotlight dont get me wrong i love spotlight and the people but i dont wonna spend the rest of my life working in retail i wont to have somethink to show for my self, people always say its ok you were sick you have a good reason i sont wont my illness tto be my good reason i wont to be treated the same way as everyone else

You can do anythink if you believe in yourself !well i hope thats true

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