Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Bucket List

Things to do before i die

Write my book about my life -been sick having a transplant and been healthy
Go to the snow
Choose what i wont to do with my life and study it
Swim with dolphins

Jump out of a plane -maybe if im not to scared
Go to Barrys(my donors) grave
Send a message in a bottle
Sleep under the stars
Go up in a air hot ballon
Ride a horse
Go scuba diving
watch a storm from the beach thats out at sea
go in a cruise ship
Learn Maroi
Watch a sunrise/sunset
Knit a scart
Go whale watching
Make a difference
Build a snowman
Do a snow angle
Name a star
Go to disneyland
See a ice berg
Sleep in a castle
See great wall of china
See a turle
Sit through a Cort case

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