Monday, October 1, 2012

I crashed my car

I know this is not really transplant related but owell .
So me and Trish were driving up to Wellington for the weekend we were about 15 min out of Taihape and I started to feel tried I dozed of for a secon and started difting to the left Trish told me to turn the wheel bak quickly I did but turned it to much that I end up skipping across the road straight into the bank , it was one of the freakiest things ever , my car is a right off and I only had 3ed party .
I was so lucky there wasn't another car in the lane cos I would be dead even worst I could have killed someone .
Me and Trish where quit lucky we didn't have much damage just soft tissue damage witch is pain full but it will go and I got a huge seat belt burn in my chest witch is pretty painfull .
All I can say is thank god for pain killers .
I was in so much shock when I had the accident I can still see it now its replaying in my heart all the time it's quit freaky , I think that's put me of driving for a while .


  1. First of all, I am touched by the way you honor d Barry for his life-saving deeds. He is a hero that should serve as inspiration to others. Personally, I'm amazed with what he has done. :)

    Well, how are you now? It's good to hear that nothing serious happened. Life is unpredictable and anything can happen, so just be doubly sure to drive safely all the time. :)

    P.S.: "Dont be afraid of living. Be afraid of the unlived life." - You hit the bulls-eye there! Epic quote! :)


  2. Well, you might have that seatbelt burn in your chest, but you must still be grateful that it was the only injury you obtained. That seat belt kept you from being seriously injured. As we all know, most people who weren’t wearing a seatbelt during the time of the accident ended up going to the hospital -- or the morgue.

  3. Oh my, that looked like a mess. Thank goodness you weren’t seriously hurt. Were you able to restore the car? I hope you contacted your insurance agent immediately after the accident so they could quickly assist you.