Thursday, September 27, 2012

Check up Hamilton

So i had a check up today everythink went well,all looking good my BP was a bit high but hes just played with my mebs a bit for that,
I userly go to Auckland for my check ups but they have sent me back to Hamilton now i still have to go to Auckland but not a often, it was so weird been back in Hamilton havent been there sine my transplant its the hospital i went though most of my sickness with and you spent so much time there that the staff become an important part they are the people who have keep me alive been there for me when i was really sick ,it was so good seen my doctor again hes done so much for me and my cardic nurse shes just done so much for me shes been there for me right though the whole transplant stuff, i would say shes gone way past the call of duity for me, shes been the greatest support for me when i was sick and post transplant ect coming to terms with it all , i love that im health now but im not gonna lie it hasent been a easy path iv had my bumps along the way .
When i was there my doctor was talking to another doctor about a 15 year old boy , my doctor told me hes in CCU and is proable not going to make it , jsut makes me relise how luck i am , i was that sick once and now im not .
My doctor stand for everythink i hate about my life all my mebical bullshit but at the same time he's been such a big part of my life i hold him very high he saved my life and for that i will be forever greatful .

PS , im now lost 18kg thats been from like the beginning of the year though

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