Thursday, December 23, 2010

RIP Jess...

Jess died the other day i still cant believe it she was such an amazing little girl who had been through so much we had our heart transplants round the same time she was the one i was closer to out of all my transplant friends , she was only 16 but i never felt like i was talking to a 16 year old she had been through so much that it made her grown up so fast,

I will never forget this little girl and the good times we shared.

Losing Jess reminds me that having a transplant doesn't make me billet proof at all doesn't matter how well i look after my self there always that change that something can happen to me or that my heart will start rejecting my body, living with that is a scary thing .
This time last year Jono also passes on he had a lung transplant and he was only young too it just doesn't seem fair.
Having a transplant and spending a lot of time at heart towers you meet some amazing people who you get on with so well cos they have been through the same thing as you they spent there life fighting for life just like you but you also meet a lot of people that don't make it , it doesn't seem fair

Rest easy Jess and Jono you guys will never be forgotten...

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