Wednesday, December 8, 2010

2011 Here i Come

This year sure has been learning but great year , it took me awhile to get my life on track again. Going from sick to healthy from health to been in a realy world and learning all about it,
when i was sick there was no real world it was sick in bed, in hospital ,at doctors , going to Auckland or Hamilton hospital you are just stuck in such a different world, I never had to think of things like paying bills where my next incomes going to come from i was to sick to do any of that it was all done for me , it's all about doctors appointment's pills and staying alive into you get that call for a heart..

It was so different been in a real world, but i love it its exiting been challenged every day, i love that i can work that i can walk to town that i was walk to my letter box, that i can get out of bed everyday that i can breath there just so much i can do now its amazing and i just cant wait for next year that another year of living another year of working
im going to Auckland for new years , Aussie in April I LOVE BEEN HEALTHY
Lily's baby's due early next year and im alive to see it grow up thats only the beginning of what i will get to do next year there so much to look forward to im alive what beats that
My goals for next year to lose some weight i just got way to fat from my silly drugs but now they lowered it im hoping i can do so , eat healthy, and save up for a car

I'm just so lucky that i can enjoy my life i can work i can go out and have fun with friends i can go for walks i can live breath a free life...

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