Monday, January 3, 2011

Sick of getting sick

Be for i got my transplant one of the things i so so looking forward to was been able to get a job and been able to hold down a job like "normal" people with out getting sick all the time it was going to be great , i now have a job and i love it but i hate thats im getting side effects from the drugs, op ect that are starting to effect my job.
I should remember that normal people get sick too, but what normal person gets sent on from work because yet again they feel like shit...

Even that im not sick like i use to be,I still have a lot of issues caused by my transplant
Drug keep me alive but they can make me feel like crap too
Nerve damage, which is so pain full ,
low immune system which means my body finds it hard to fight of bugs
and on top of all that iv been getting a sore back wish are so pain full wish i guess i cant realy blame my transplant for that but mum things its cos i was in the coma for so long and had to learn to walk again ect that why im having issues with it..

I hate that one one thing i wont to do is get a job and prove myself and its the one thing i cant do cos i keep getting sick...

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