Monday, March 25, 2013

Im glad i decided to study

So im a few weeks into my course now and im really glad i made the choice to study i went over in my head a milloin times should i do it or shouldent I , dont get me wrong i know its going to be a chalange but im just gonna somehow do it .
Im really glad i decided to do this pre degree course aswell , it will make me that much more ready for studying when i go into my course of choice .
Im really worried about my maths cos i dont understand half of it and my maori as its bad enough reading ehglish dont even get me started on Maoir.
I am glad i didnt study till now though now that im old enough to understand what a wastie it would be if i just droped out and failed.
Im finding it quit full as i work in the weekends and course mon-fri and then when i get home from course i spend a few hours on home that i dont really get me time but im sure it will be worth it in the end
And because now i know my life is that much shorter then a normal person it gives me that much more reason to wont to pass and do somethink with my life .

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  1. Good Luck Magi and so glad you are enjoying study. It will be hard at times but do keep going will be worth it in the end. Good things take time.
    All the best