Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Things you remeber..

This is a Photo of all the people who came to visit me while i was in Hospital sadly i was still in a coma this day

When i woke up from my coma , i think i must have cried for a few weeks straight in my defense i had a lot of drugs in me i couldn't understand a lot of what was going on around me , i cried that my father was by my bed side and was sick in Rotorua i cried that my sister had came back from London for me and i cried at how amazing my friends and family where to me

When i was in my coma and on life support its amazing the things you remember its not those drunken moments with what you think are your life long friends, its not those people that have the most friends in life and its not those times that you where high on all those different drugs,
Its those moments like when i was it katies mums funeral and Jess and Louie both linked hands with me and we all passed on our sadness to each other , its those times i spent talking to Louie and Blaire about my hopes dreams and what i wont to do in my life , its those times that we all went to Raindowend and went on the Rolla coast till we felt sick and those moments when ep alway use to visit me while i was in hospital even that i was in there just about every two weeks and those times when mum and dad were by my hospital bed every moment of my life

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