Thursday, October 28, 2010

1 year 6 months and 2 weeks ago i had my transplant..

Its been 1 year 6 months and 2 weeks sine my transplant, a lot has happen seen then
My sisters having a baby
I'm healthy
I have a job and i love that i can work
I'm going to Australia next year
If i hadn't had my transplant i would never get to see Lily's kid grow up and i would never have been able to go to Aus i could barely leave the house Aus would have been out of the question and i would have spend the rest of my short life sick so i would never get to work.

I am so thank full for every day i have
I can breath, I haven't blacked out sine my transplant and I'm not in hospital ever 2 weeks or so, i don't need to get my lungs drained every few weeks, im not vomiting all the time and i have energy i can get out of bed everyday and not feel like i have to fight for life

Iv learn t a lot this year and it sure has taken me a while to get use to this transplant thing I love been healthy i do and i would never take my transplant back but at the same time been transplant is not the easy road people think it is ,
Its not cure its a better quality of life

A year and a half a go I never dream i would be where i am now , healthy going out and doing all those things healthy normal people do, I love that i get to enjoy life just that little more because i know how lucky i am to be alive..

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