Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Studies hard health not so good

We'll I'm about 2 month into my early childhood now and it's so full on don't get me wrong I'm liking it but just so many assessment at once and some times i like i dont know this shit, so far iv passed everythink god knows how and im just going to keep at it and fouce on the end result i feel like iv put to much effect into my studdy so far to quit now.

And as for my health its been pretty shity later i had a really had flu witch im over now but i have been getting shortness of breath witch is reallyy getting to me i mean i had this heart transplant i findally got this new life this health and dam its like someone took it away from me walking to my car im runnig out of breath even the other day i run out of breath making my bed when i hd my heart heart transplant of the first thing i was so happy about was i could make my bed aagain without running out of breath, so i went to my GP about it my BP and HR were normal she sent me for bloods and chest x-ray they were normal she pretty much said to me she doesent know what it is , so i emailed helen the transplant codernator. she emailed me back and said its proable just the flu i had but email her back if it doesent go away.  i dont think it is cos the flu i had i ddint have couching running nose ect it was just high temps and aching body but any way ill give it a go and see if its just that my GP rang me back to see if i still had shortness of breath i told her yes she said she was gonna ring back in a week and see if  its still there so ill give it a chance and see if it goes away but if it doesent someone bettter do somethink about it, feel a little like im getting brushed of but ill give them there weeek or so before i start complamming and go back

And as for my mental been pretty shit latly too but i donrt think i will go into that one, dont know  who really read this and its not somethink i wont the whole world to know about.

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