Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pill pill and more pills

I have a new understanding for people with back pain ever sine iv worked at spotlight iv started to have really bad issue's with my back , im so tall and im leaning over and cutting things all day at work and now i have really bad issues with it ,

i starting of taking codeine for it and that didn't work so then the doctor but me on tranmadol for it that didn't really work it makes the pain a little less, but not yet have i found a pain killer that the pain goes away all together and they made me feel nausea so she gave me a pill to help me with the nausea catch 22 been i cant stay on that long term who knows why ,so she doesn't mind me been on pain killer long term but not nausea pills?? , any way my doctors given me a whole bunch of new pain killers to try a week on each and see witch one works best so im hopeing one of them works

i know every one thinks im this big pill poper and take to many pills but all i wont is to be pain free i would love it if i didn't have to take pain killers all the time cos that would mean i would be pain free they should walk a day in my shoes and see how they would handle it .
iv been thow so much pain in my life as in body pain that if some one can give me a pill to stop me been in why the hell not ill take it in a heart beat

Have my two year check up for my heart transplant in Auckland next so hopfuly that goes well ..

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  1. I used to work at spotlight and I know exactly what you mean.. Medicine will not work so much as strengthening your back, you .. need a balance ball and to work on your lower lumbar (or quit your job!) =]

    Carissa, of Christchurch